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Sorted! 150 years of Tweed mail
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
Until 11 March 2017

Sorted sign
Illuminated 'Mail Sorted' sign from Murwillumbah Post Office (detail).

Sorted! commemorates 150 years of postal services in the Tweed Shire. It brings together object stories from various town and village post offices. Themes explored include the beginnings of postal services, their development over time, and the technologies and processes used to deliver communication services with the greatest speed and reliability possible. First establishing letter and parcel services, then evolving to administer telegraph and telephone services, town and village post offices had a vital role in fostering the social and economic life of communities.

Village stories: Uki
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
On display from 7 February 2017

Uki May Ball poster
Uki May Ball poster, 1986. TRM Collection MU2012.16.5

This exhibition is a journey through Uki's colourful past, from fancy dress to the local tug-o-war heroes.

Learn some of the secret stories of Uki and discover a collection of local objects that has never been displayed in public!

In conjunction with this exhibition, the Museum is hosting a Walking tour of Uki village, led by members of the Uki & South Arm Historical Society. See our Talks and Events page for more details.

Feature Acquisition
Son, Soldier, Surgeon
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
On display from 21 February - 17 June 2017

Amputation knives
Amputation knives used by John Kenneth Harbison in WWII. TRM Collection MUS2016.46

John Kenneth Harbison enlisted for World War I as a medical student and again for World War II as a medical officer.
Learn about his remarkable journey serving in field hospitals throughout the Middle East, and his escape from becoming a prisoner of war.

This display features recently acquired amputation knives used by John, as well as his WWI and WWII uniforms.

Thunder eggs: Tweed's hidden gems
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
Opening 28 February 2017

Thunder eggs
Thunder eggs from the Museum's Collection.

These spherical wonders are found in the silica-rich volcanic landscape of the Tweed and tell a story of the molten lava that once flowed through the area over 20 million years ago. As the lava cooled, the trapped gas and minerals produced a stunning array of colour and crystals inside the thunder eggs.

This display features a wide selection of thunder egg specimens from the Museum's extensive collection.

As part of this exhibition, the Museum is hosting thunder egg themed activities for the whole family on Saturday 8 April. See our Talks and Events page for more details.

Untold Stories: Living with Ability
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
Opening 21 March 2017

Tim Thomas - Copyright Tweed Shire Council
Tim Thomas of Casuarina.

The stories of people living with disability are poorly represented in Museum collections. Untold stories: living with ability begins to address this gap.
Hear and see the stories of ten Tweed Shire residents, told in their own words and through the significant objects they have chosen. These stories highlight diverse experiences and the social contributions of these individuals.

As part of this exhibition, the Museum will be offering free public programs. Stay tuned for more details.

Fragments: remembering WWI

M19-3 Government Wharf
WWI soldiers at Government Wharf, Murwillumbah, C.1914. TRM Collection M19-3.

The years 2014 to 2018 mark 100 years since the outbreak and cessation of World War I. During these anniversary years, many families are revisiting the experiences of relatives who served.

A number of families with strong connections to the Tweed have generously donated or loaned precious family heirlooms for display. Fragments: remembering WWI features a changing selection of memorabilia and stories of World War I soldiers with connections to the Tweed.

Last Updated: 23 February 2017