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Wish You Were Here: tokens of travel
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
5 December - 28 April 2018

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The allure of travel, holidays, surf and sand has a long history on the East Coast of Australia. The tourism industry boomed in the early 1900s with the availability of relatively cheap and reliable train travel. For the first time people could easily move themselves, their families, and luggage in comfort to the destinations by train.

The post war 1950s were the heyday of summer holidays on the beaches of the Tweed and Gold Coast. These were the years of the ‘endless summer’, when you would travel to the beach and stay for a month or more. During this era, the border hummed with guest houses, motels, tourist attractions and dance halls. Families and young people flocked to the beaches, camping or staying in guest houses which organised activities such as pyjama parties and fancy dress, war cry and hokey pokey competitions.

With tourists come souvenirs; small tokens to take or send back home as a reminder of the summer pilgrimage. As long as people have visited distant places, they have collected tokens of their travels, and while many of these souvenirs have found themselves relocated to the backs of cupboards across Australia, all tell a story of a time, a place and a memory.

Wish you were here: tokens of travel takes a look at the Tweed's own adventures in tourism, travel and souvenirs. As well as hundreds of beautiful souvenirs, the exhibition features vintage film footage from the 1950s, taken by Charles Simpson around the beaches of the Southern Gold Coast and Tweed areas. Visitors can also explore tourist guides and historical postcards on iPads within the exhibition.

Village stories: Uki
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
On display until 2018

Uki May Ball poster
Uki May Ball poster, 1986. TRM Collection MU2012.16.5

This exhibition is a journey through Uki's colourful past, from fancy dress to the local tug-o-war heroes.

Learn some of the secret stories of Uki and discover a collection of local objects that has never been displayed in public!

Feature Acquisition
Worth Bottling
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
Until 26 May 2018

Floodwater - Heather Matthew - Copyright Tweed Shire Council
Heather Matthew, Preserved Memories, 2017, detail.
This display features Heather Matthew's work, Preserved Memories. The work was collected by the Museum from the 'Posts from the Big Flood' exhibition held as part of the 2017 Murwillumbah Art Trail. It is one of the first works collected by the Museum to document the 2017 flood and its impact. Heather has written of this work:
When the water subsided we were able to access my paper making art studio....When I finally got to clean out my paper drawers there was two buckets of muddy water in the bottom and I thought to collect it in case I wanted to make some artwork dipped in mud. These bottles of flood waters have been decanted into preserving bottles. Each preserves a memory of those mud filled cleaning days, what I lost, what I came away with, the resilience of community and the outpouring of generosity and love from strangers. These flood waters help me remember it all.

Thunder eggs: Tweed's hidden gems
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
Permanent exhibition

Thunder eggs
Thunder eggs from the Museum's Collection.

These spherical wonders are found in the silica-rich volcanic landscape of the Tweed and tell a story of the molten lava that once flowed through the area over 20 million years ago. As the lava cooled, the trapped gas and minerals produced a stunning array of colour and crystals inside the thunder eggs.

This display features a wide selection of thunder egg specimens from the Museum's extensive collection.

Fragments: remembering WWI

M19-3 Government Wharf
WWI soldiers at Government Wharf, Murwillumbah, C.1914. TRM Collection M19-3.

The years 2014 to 2018 mark 100 years since the outbreak and cessation of World War I. During these anniversary years, many families are revisiting the experiences of relatives who served.

A number of families with strong connections to the Tweed have generously donated or loaned precious family heirlooms for display. Fragments: remembering WWI features a changing selection of memorabilia and stories of World War I soldiers with connections to the Tweed.
Last Updated: 16 February 2018