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Aboriginal breastplates

Aboriginal Breastplates of the Northern Rivers: contested recognition, uncontested identity

Written in 2016 by Ian Fox to accompany the exhibition Aboriginal Breastplates of the Northern Rivers, this publication adds substantially to the body of research covering Aboriginal breastplates from this area.

Caldera to the sea

Caldera to the Sea: a history of the Tweed Valley

Written in 2006, this book covers the major themes that have shaped the history of Tweed Shire: the environment; Aboriginal prehistory and contact; exploration and settlement; transport and communications; agriculture and industry; government and community services; leisure, sport and entertainment.

The other side of the world

The other side of the world: International migration to the Tweed 1940s to 1960s

This publication, released in 2007, documents the stories and belongings of people who came to the Shire as international migrants after World War II.

Families of fortune

Families of Fortune: Chinese people in the Tweed

This book, published in 2009, documents the presence and contribution of Chinese people in the Tweed from the nineteenth century to the present.

Caravans and communes

Caravans and Communes: stories of settling in the Tweed 1970s and 1980s

Published in 2011, this book explores the diverse population of new settlers to the area in the 1970s and 1980s, using sensitively recorded oral histories that allow the subjects to convey their stories in their own voices.

Sweet harvests

Sweet Harvests (DVD)

This film, made in 2011, explores the tenacity, camaraderie, humour and sheer hard work of the South Sea Islander and Indian populations who worked the banana farms and cane fields of the Tweed Region. Made with assistance from the NSW Migration Heritage Centre.