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Tweed Regional Museum branches at Murwillumbah and Tweed Heads are open to the public with restrictions in place. More information
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TRM Murwillumbah and TRM Tweed Heads are open to the public, with restrictions in place; click here for details.

Tweed Regional Museum offers public programs to accompany our exhibitions. All talks and events are currently postponed.

Museum at Home

Games - family playing

As we live through this historical time and change the way we connect and interact, the Museum will be bringing you content and activities that you can access from wherever you are. Stay connected with us, and your local history, by browsing our online collection (external link) , by following us on facebook (external link) or Instagram (external link) , or by downloading our activity sheets, below.

Museum Drag Tour

Drag tour 2 - Copyright Tweed Shire CouncilPhotograph by Ryan Fowler. If you'd like a tour that's just a little bit different, try our Museum Drag Tour. (external link) Join Tweed's own Comedy Queen, the fabulous Milena Missi of Queens of Kingscliff for a drag tour of Murwillumbah Museum! 'Werq' your way through the history of the Tweed with Milena as she casts a cheeky queer-eye over our Collection. Milena Missi, otherwise known as Mitchell Hull, is not just a queen, he's a Small Town Queer Icon. Read about Mitchell's journey to becoming a successful performer and business owner on the Small Town Queer Exhibition website (external link).
Video presented by Milena Missi of Queens from Kingscliff with videography by Ryan Fowler.

Untold Stories: living with ability - Online Exhibition

Untold Stories discussion Untold Stories is a Tweed Regional Museum project exploring some extra-ordinary stories of living with disability.

The exhibition, Untold Stories: living with ability, was displayed at the Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah in 2017. The project captured diverse stories of ‘ordinary’ people whose rich life experiences include living with disability.

Participants in this project generously allowed the Museum to record and share their stories through audio, video and text. This wonderful expression of lives lived ‘with ability’ and to the fullest is now available as an online exhibition.

Children's Activity Sheets

Check out the activity sheets below for some fun activities to do based on Museum objects and exhibitions.

Make an Origami Frog (614kB PDF) - After you've listened to the call of the Giant Barred Frog in the Museum's Land | Life | Culture display, you can make your very own origami frog, and make it jump!

Koala Mask (838kB PDF) - Koalas are an iconic Australian animal and feature in the Museum's Land | Life | Culture exhibition. To make your mask, you'll need to print this on heavy paper and have a hole-punch (or adult with scissors) and some string or elastic.

Thunder Egg Word Search (1.07mB PDF) - The Museum collection contains a wonderful selection of these amazing specimens that are are around 20 million years old! This Word Search will introduce you to special scientific terms about thunder eggs, as well as some of the local places where you can find them. All you need is a pen/pencil and a good eye!

Robey Engine Maze. (2.09mB PDF) - Everybody knows the big Robey Engine outside the Museum in Murwillumbah, right? Did you also know that it was found in the scrub at Mount Nullum? It was uncovered, moved to the Museum and lovingly restored by members of the Murwillumbah Historical Society. In this activity sheet, you'll help the Robey find its way to the Museum - all you need is a pen and a good sense of direction! When you've finished the maze, check out some before and after images of the Robey here. (external link)

Sally the Sawfish Fun and Games Booklet. (3.09mB PDF) - Our previous temporary exhibition was called Sea Stories and it showcased objects and stories about our relationship with the ocean, from discovery to adventure and fun. As part of the exhibition, we had sawfish rostrum (their 'saws') on display. This booklet contains heaps of activities about sawfish - you'll need coloured pens/pencils to make it beautiful. This booklet was made with help from our friends at Sharks and Rays Australia (external link) and the Sawfish Conservation Society. (external link) It contains lots of pages, so you can print as many as you like.

Dinosaur cardboard Dinosaurs and Fossils

Those of you who have visited the Fabulous Fossils exhibition at TRM Murwillumbah will agree that fossils are fascinating and fun!

In honour of that exhibition, we've organised some fossil and dinosaur-themed activities to keep you occupied.

Salt dough Fossils (657kB PDF) - Make some dough out of common pantry items, then get creative in what sort of creatures you want in your fossilised records!

Dinosaur Shadow Puppet (624kB PDF) - Make these by day, then watch them come alive under a spotlight at night!

Dinosaur craft Cardboard Dinosaurs (206kB PDF) - Making these dinosaurs from tough cardboard means they'll stand tall and proud on your shelf!

Diplodocus craft (654kB PDF) - With the help of a paper plate, you can make your very own Diplodocus!

If you'd like to explore more dinosaur facts, check out the Australian Museum's page, Dinosaurs and their Relatives. (external link)

Their Inside Out (external link) page also has heaps of great activities and videos, too!

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