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Adrian Smith Mineral Collection
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah

Adrian Smith - Pyrite
Pyrite specimen from the Adrian Smith Collection.
Adrian Smith had a passion for gems and minerals, and over his lifetime amassed a collection of over 3000 specimens from Australia and throughout the world. An early passion for science led him into a career working for the CSIRO and later at Watson Victor in the scientific equipment division. Adrian's career enabled him to travel the world, and he made many connections with other gem and mineral collectors. He began collecting specimens on his overseas trips and soon also began travelling with friends and family on weekends and holidays to add to his collection.

Adrian was well known for wanting to share his passion with others, especially children. This is now a reality, after the collection was donated to Tweed Shire Council.

This permanent exhibition at Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah features the very best specimens from the Adrian Smith Collection, including 500 minerals and 300 gemstone specimens.

Chutney, Chooks and Champions: Stories from the Show
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
8 May 2018 - 13 April 2019

Chutney, Chooks & Champions
Since the nineteenth century, Australia's agricultural shows have provided us with opportunities to reflect on the values and aspirations of our communities; to celebrate achievements ranging from excellence in cattle breeding to the beauty of a delicate piece of embroidery; and to enjoy a break from the routine of everyday life. A place of work and leisure, education and entertainment, the annual agricultural show is still an important event in hundreds of communities across Australia.

It is 120 years since the first show was held in the Tweed in 1898 (although not the 120th show!). Chutney, Chooks and Champions: Stories from the Show celebrates the stories behind the Show, and the people that have made it what it is today. Explore the history of the Tweed Agricultural Show, including photographs, prizes, ribbons and trophies from the early 1900s. Watch fascinating video stories about the farmers, judges, bakers, and sideshow alley showmen that reveal the Show as an event held close to the heart of the local community.

As part of this exhibition, the Museum will be hosting a series of Fermentation demonstrations, so that you can enter your creation into the new Fermentation category that the Museum is sponsoring at the Murwillumbah Show. See our Talks and Events page for more details.

Feature Acquisition
Hiden in the sand
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
28 August - 1 December

Mineral samples
Mineral samples from Cudgen sand mine, 1963.

Prospectors have searched the Tweed's beaches for gold since the late 1800s. Decades later the mineral rutile was discovered hidden in those sands and its commercial applications saw it quickly become one of the largest exports of the area. Mining company Cudgen RZ began sand mining on the beaches of Kingscliff in 1949; many locals will remember the economic and environmental impact this had on the area. In 2017 samples of minerals extracted by Cudgen RZ were donated to the Museum - see these on display along with photographs and diagrams relating to sand mining.

Feature Acquisition

Aquaman - props from the movie
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
4 December 2018 - 9 February 2019

Aquaman props
Props from the set of Aquaman the movie.

In 2017 the feature film Aquaman used Hastings Point to film pivotal scenes in the movie. Many locals will remember the life-sized lighthouse constructed on the site, and the hundreds of cast and crew that descended on the town for many months. The Museum was gifted props from the set by Warner Brothers Studios for its permanent collection. Before you see the movie in cinemas come and check out some of the objects from the Hastings Point set.

Village stories: Uki

Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah

May Ball poster
May Ball poster, 1989. Artist Chester Harris. TRM Collection MUS2012.16.4.
Village Stories is an ongoing series of exhibitions showcasing both the history and the contemporary life of one of the Tweed's many rural villages.

Uki is a small village perched on the banks of the upper South Arm of the Tweed River, with Wollumbin / Mount Warning looming just beyond. This exhibition is a journey through Uki's colourful past, from fancy dress to the local tug-o-war heroes.

Learn some of the secret stories of Uki and discover a collection of local objects that has never been displayed in public!

Thunder eggs: Tweed's hidden gems
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah
Permanent exhibition

Thunder eggs
Thunder eggs from the Museum's Collection.

These spherical wonders are found in the silica-rich volcanic landscape of the Tweed and tell a story of the molten lava that once flowed through the area over 20 million years ago. As the lava cooled, the trapped gas and minerals produced a stunning array of colour and crystals inside the thunder eggs.

This display features a wide selection of thunder egg specimens from the Museum's extensive collection.

Fragments: remembering WWI
Tweed Regional Museum Murwillumbah

M19-3 Government Wharf
WWI soldiers at Government Wharf, Murwillumbah, C.1914. TRM Collection M19-3.

The years 2014 to 2018 mark 100 years since the outbreak and cessation of World War I. During these anniversary years, many families are revisiting the experiences of relatives who served.

A number of families with strong connections to the Tweed have generously donated or loaned precious family heirlooms for display. Fragments: remembering WWI features a changing selection of memorabilia and stories of World War I soldiers with connections to the Tweed.
Last Updated: 30 October 2018