Cure All

On exhibition

5 July 2022 - 15 October 2022

Cure All

Cure All will simultaneously delight and horrify visitors but also inspire curiosity, intrigue, and a deep appreciation of modern health care. The exhibition explores stories of health and medicine in the Tweed through fascinating objects and photographs from the Museum.

Showcasing over 200 objects from the Museum’s collection, the exhibition features intriguing, and sometimes disturbing, surgical equipment, vintage first aid kits, killer pills, cure-oil concoctions, and illicit potions.

Stories highlight local community spirit in fundraising for essential services such as ambulance and local hospitals and features a stunning collection of apothecary and medical items from local pharmacies. Learn about the health professionals that have cared for the Tweed throughout history, marvel at 1920s dentistry equipment, and be mesmerised by live leeches on display.

Cure All Exhibition Tours

Accompanying the exhibition are behind the scenes tours, led by Curator Erika Taylor. Each tour is interactive and full of surprises, including getting up close and personal with the Museum’s live leeches, and the chance to experience some electrifying quack medicine! Book your free tour now. 



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