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Many Museum collections owe their origins to the passion and commitment of private collectors. The Collector's Cabinet offers visitors a glimpse into a number of local private collections and the stories of people who assembled them.

Are you a collector willing to share your private passion with the public? If you are, and would like to lend your collection to the Museum for temporary display, please contact Museum staff on (02) 6670 2493 or

Game Changer
From 8 December 2020

Game Changer Nat Kloet has been collecting games since she was a child and in the last few years has turned her passion into a career, opening Cracklepoint Games in Murwillumbah in 2018.
The games featured here range from those from Nat and her Mother's childhood to contemporary favourites like Magic: the Gathering.
Come and explore Nat's collection; it's sure to evoke memories and possibly even introduce you to some potential new family favourites!

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